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  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

    This is an office procedure which involves placing "washed" sperms into the womb, with a small plastic tube called catheter. Sperms are taken from the husband. If required frozen or donor sperms can be used, depending upon patient's situation and also needs written consent. The sperms are washed several times to remove substances like prostaglandins that can cause cramping or shock. Once the semen is washed and good motile sperms are separated, it is transferred into the womb of patient via a catheter to achieve best chance of pregnancy. This procedure is preceded by ovulation monitoring by transvaginal ultrasound and if required ovarian stimulation with gonadotrophins or clomiphene citrate. There are different methods of processing the semen and the cost of each process may be different.

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    We have excellent results of IUI with pregnancy rates between 15-20% .
    Advantages of IUI
    ▪Minimally invasive
    ▪Less financial commitment
    ▪Less time consuming
    Disadvantages of IUI
    ▪Results are only 10-20 % and time may be lost
    ▪Risk of multiple pregnancies
    ▪Tubes must be patent (open)
    This technique is recommended when infertility is: ▪Unexplained
    ▪Secondary to mild male factor or cervical factor
    ▪Caused by endometriosis but tubes are patent (open)